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Sunday, December 04, 2005 Diary of the Frazzled Feline!

Dear Readers:

My people betrayed me this weekend and had this horrible beast in MY house. This fur covered beast is about ten sizes bigger than me and they call him Riley. They say he is only spending the weekend in MY house but that is way too much time in MY domain.

Mom mentioned something about the fact that I flunked hostess 101, but I don’t care…this is MY house. This beast drools, pants, and is a messy eater (and they complain about Moi). Now when the boy was out walking the beast, I did venture out from under my people’s bed and tried his food…quite tasty, I might add.

I think it is just sick how they dote on this beast, he goes and stands by the back door and they all jump up to let him outside, they never moved that fast when I summoned their assistance. Besides that, the beast doesn’t even use a litter box, he just goes out all exposed and does his business outside (how uncivilized).

Please make the beast Riley go home!

Yours truly,


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