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Saturday, December 03, 2005 I Found Stepford!

First I want to let you know that I consider myself able to adjust to all different types of social situations. I happen to love the Southern Living at Home products. I have purchased several pieces and have hosted a party (with Sheri).

Anyway, the dealer has a party every year for all of her hostesses, and offers sales on discontinued or special items so when I received the invitation I thought “cool…..shopping!” Sheri couldn’t make it to the event so I decided to solo. I walked through the front door and HOLY SHASTAS…I stepped into Stepford Proper. Folks, not only did all these women have the about the same hair cut, similar coloring and like typed clothing; they all talked alike, laughed alike, and even had the same mannerisms while speaking.

Now I have no objection to trends, they can actually be fun, but why the hell would you give up your individuality? I personally like differences in people, it makes them interesting. I have always felt that you can enjoy and learn something from anyone you meet, but I don’t think these women could offer anything to enhance my life. Maybe they really aren’t so shallow but it certainly is the impression that I was left with.

I was so bored out of my brain and so taken aback with what I was observing that when I left, I had to run over to Sheri’s house to get a quick dose of reality…..whew….someone pinch me and make sure that I’m human please.

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