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Saturday, November 26, 2005 Christmas Decorating…Hazardous To Your Health

After getting over the initial shock of all the Christmas decorations we have acquired through the years, I started unloading them. I started emptying out the boxes constantly saying “I’m missing stuff!” The only one thing that I could pinpoint missing was the garland I use on the mantle.

By the time I went through all the boxes, it looked like the Christmas bomb had exploded in my living room. We finally realized that we were missing a box, so G2 went up to the attic and sure enough came back down with the final box (sigh).

After getting all the villages set up, I started putting the up the Christmas tree. The first problem was that I couldn’t find the stand, so smart me goes and gets the stand from the old tree (now, why we still have it I have no idea). Of course it doesn’t fit, and I’m trying to come up with clever ways to make the old stand work (hmmmmm, I could cut off a broom handle, shove it up the pole of the tree, put it in the stand and screw the stand to some plywood). STOP! Big-G told me to just stop and retrace my steps. He was right (damnit), went right to it in the closet.

With that crisis handled, I stared putting the darn thing together. Insert stem C then B, and I am connecting the cords as I go (pre-lit tree); I'm reaching through the branches, grabbing the cord from C and trying to find the cord from B and then “POLK”, a damn branch polks me in the eye. Not a little “ouch…I’ve got something in my eye” but a full fledge “POLK, I about polked my $@#*&^! eye out! Of course Big-G’s wit and charm come out in moments like these and stated “shall I get you some safety glasses for decorating?”


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