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Wednesday, November 30, 2005 Families & Holidays

Well, we made it through Thanksgiving. Now it's time to make plans for Christmas. Always a fun and interesting holiday around our house what with blended families, extended families, etc. My single, childless, vegetarian, OLDER sister (had to add that), from New York comes and stays with us every year. The kids love her visits because, well, she's a big kid. She and I couldn't be any different if we tried. That's fine as this makes our visits very interesting. This year she asked if her "boyfriend", should he be able to come (um, maybe not a good word choice), could stay with us as well.

I had a hesitation because, well, I didn't even know there WAS a boyfriend let alone have time to absorb the fact that he would want to come for a visit. Oh, there's more. She's actually only been with him a few times as he lives in a different state. They met over the internet!

This may sound bad, but I'm not worried about her. She's an adult. After all, I've met my share of men in, shall we say-questionable establishments (a long time ago honey). But when she asked if he could stay with us, I just didn't feel comfortable with that. I mean, she really doesn't KNOW this person. I have children-A TEENAGE DAUGHTER in particular that I'm responsible for.

What do you all think? Did I make the right decision?

BTW-he wasn't able to make the trip so I am off the hook. But, if he would have been able to join her, ??????

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