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Tuesday, November 29, 2005 How to Make a Mountain Out of Floral Foam?

I love setting out my villages every year. When G2 was very young, they were almost magical for him. Every so often, I do try and change it up a bit because I have been doing it for so long. During the lean and mean years I figured out a way to make cheap mountains for my houses and I still do it this way today.

Start by purchasing several blocks of floral foam. Stack them in a rough setup of what you want, and then hot glue them together. Now for the fun; I use a large serrated knife and shape the foam however you want it. Please do this outside because the foam is dusty/messy when you work with it. Then I use spray paint (white) and spray it down. Now the foam is so porous that it will not cover well with the spray paint. The spray paint acts more like a sealer so that the foam stays intact and doesn’t disintegrate. After it dries (this does not take long at all) I use an acrylic paint and cover the whole thing.

What is nice is you can remove the bases off your trees and directly put them in the foam. This gives your villages a truly personal touch, and if you want something different the next year, they are cheap enough to throw away.

This one I did make a few years ago. I have saved it because I like the look of this set up so why try and reinvent the wheel? I'll post pictures once I've finished the final details (still need to add the snow and a few more accessories).

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