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Monday, December 05, 2005 Celebrating Women's December Blog Pick of the Month

It’s Just The Coffee Talking
Behind every successful woman…
is a substantial amount of coffee.

Have you heard someone say "I want to be like Meritt"? Sure you have, and who wouldn't. This fabulous blogger can cook, sew, craft and still present her self in a most distinguished way and maintain her sense of humor.

She is a 35 year old wife and mom who works as the Assistant Director for a non-profit organization. She has been married for over 17 years now and has three children ages 14, 13, and 9. She keeps us informed about her life during her morning coffee and the funny everyday events that come her way.

She also contributes to Dew on the Kadzu and Smorgasbord Sunday…It’s what’s for Dinner with her recipes, and they are delicious. She single handedly could get the cookie award with all of the different cookies she bakes (yummy). Personally, her brownie recipe is to die for!

So Meritt…for your talent, humor and overall good cheer:

Celebrating Women Celebrate You!

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