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Friday, May 20, 2005 The Perils of an Only Child……..and You Can’t Blame the Cat

I have the most amazing cat. She is so talented, brave, and shrewd. She is six pounds of fur and pure energy. When I’m away, she destroys homework, eats all the food in the fridge, hides clothes, leaves the toilet seat up, and misplaces countless items all over the house. Funny how every time I look at her, she is sleeping!

My poor deprived only child has spent a lifetime trying to blame everything on the cat. You see, without a sibling to blame things on, the only child resorts to the only thing an only child can…………blame the cat! Even when cornered, with evidence all around of guilt, back against the wall, (not to mention Mom was raised an only child herself, therefore, been there, done that) he will still……….blame the cat!

Being an only child can be very stressful. You know that all eyes are on you. When something goes right, since you are already the focus, it is the expectation. As an only child, your room is always a discussion. Your clothes are not right. Not to mention that every idea and every suggestion is scrutinized. How miserable not to share the spot light with someone else. I imagine that with a sibling you can breathe a breath of fresh air on occasion. Since there is an automatic 50% chance you might be able convince your parents you didn’t do it. The one with the best persuasive skills can survive under the radar. The only child doesn’t stand a chance. From the tottler who got up when his parents were sleeping and spilled black paint on carpet and tried to clean it up with paper towels; to the pre-teen who decided to bleach his dark brown hair Barbie blond; to the teenager who leaves the car parked in the street and not in the driveway. At lease with a sibling, sometimes, you just might get away with it. So next time, when something might be misplaced and/or your only child does something insignificantly wrong, go ahead and let him get away with one………….blame the cat!

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