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Saturday, June 11, 2005 10 Reason Why I Do Yard Work


1) There aren't short people running behind me undoing everything I just did.

2) The short people (and tall people as well) leave me alone and stay inside where it's cool lest they be forced into helping should they come out.

3) I nurture it and it rewards me with no back talking.

4) My yard won't expect a car and driving privileges - EVER!

5) My yard won't eat everything in my refrigerator.

6) My yard doesn't care if I look fat in my outfit.

7) My work doesn't have to be perfect. Not every leaf or blade of grass needs to be perfect in order for the product to be considered a masterpiece.

8) I don't have to go to the gym on yard work day. What a great ass workout when pushing the lawn mower up the hill.

9) In no way would my husband or family have the nerve to ask "what's for dinner". After all, I did have to work in the hot sun all day :-)

10) And the best part about doing yard work......finishing it! Then a cool shower, a tall glass of my favorite beverage (usually of the adult variety), and a sit on the swing to watch the birds, squirrels and other creatures come about to check out the finished product. It's almost as if they are saying "thank you" as they run around. The birds tend to be very "chirpy", almost as if their telling their friends "hey, come check out this yard".

If I wasn't so technically challenged, I'd post pictures!

Enjoy your weekend!

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