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Friday, July 22, 2005 My Aversion

OK, I'm coming to discover that I have a great aversion to all things medical when it comes to me. I have no problem taking my kids or husband off for whatever they need. When it comes to me, well, you'll remember my rant about my Well Women exam (if I knew how to link to it I would-it happened back in June). Now it's time to go to the Dentist-Blach! It's not necessarily pain that I worry about because all I'm going to get done is a cleaning. I think it's more the fact that 1) The smell of the dental office makes me sick 2) the sound of the drill (no matter where) makes me want to curl up into a ball 3) I can't possibly multi-task laying there with my mouth open and someone scraping 4) and this is the big one.....I'm a talker. I'd talk to the doggone wall if it would talk back. You are asked questions that you can't answer with all the digging and scraping. Me being the social butterfly that I am, can't possibly let a question go unanswered-why, that would be quite rude! (that was said with my best Scarlet voice).

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