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Monday, July 25, 2005 My Dog Is So Silly

I have two dogs that I don't think I've talked too much about. They are both mutts. We adopted the big one, Bradlee, from a rescue center. As far as the vet could tell, he is part black lab and part German Shepard. He weighs about 50 lbs. and is the most sweet, lovable dog we could have asked for. Oreo is our little dog. One of the guys I used to work with had a dog who had an unexpected litter. Oreo was the runt that no one wanted, so of course, I took him. The vet thinks he is part cockapoo and part shiatsu. I have dubbed him a "cockash*t". He is also a very sweet lovable dog weighing in at 20 lbs. Guess which dog is in charge? You got it, Oreo! The big dog does whatever Oreo wants him to do. Oreo is actually my daughter's dog, but he has chosen my husband as his master. This dog also has mistaken identity syndrome - he thinks he's a cat! He lays on the back of the sofa, like a cat. He jumps from each piece of furniture, like a cat. I swear it sometimes even sounds like he purrs.

Now on to the reason for this post. On most Sunday mornings, I make my family a big pan of eggs, biscuits, gravy, you know, the typical Southern breakfast. As a treat, I usually mix a little of the eggs into each of the dogs' bowls as it is very good for their coat. Yesterday I happened to put mushrooms in the eggs. If you look closely at the picture, you'll notice a small pile of mushrooms beside Oreo's bowl. Evidently the dog doesn't like mushrooms! But, instead of leaving them in the bowl and pushing them around, he carefully removed them, one by one, and put them in a neat pile outside of the bowl! How cute is that!

Oreo picking out the shrooms The pile of shrooms

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