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Monday, July 18, 2005 The Reason I Just Love Starbucks!


Besides the fact that you walk in and “ahhhhhhhhh” the aroma just takes you away, the employees are always very kind and helpful. I’m finally about out of the Komodo Dragon flavor. The first time I had it I thought that it was pretty good. But after drinking it a while, I wasn’t that happy with it…it just didn’t have the boldness that I like in my coffee.

The girls there were absolutely wonderful. We ended up having an impromptu “coffee tasting party”. The other customers and myself had our little taster cups; the girls brewed up one of the flavors they wanted me to try. I decided to try Gold Coast; we shall see how it does tonight when I have my evening brew. Of course when I had them grind it for a French press, I had to explain to one of the other customers that by brewing it in the press, you get all the oils from the beans in your coffee. If you use a filter in an automatic brewer, the oils get caught in the filter.

We probably spent 45 minutes in there laughing and trying different flavors. Thankfully no one was in a hurry and the patrons that were already in there joined in the fun. This shopping stop was an unexpected treat!


The Gold Coast is very good! It has the boldness I like with low acidity therefore it isn’t bitter.

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