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Friday, August 05, 2005 Holy Crapola

Geez. It's no tax weekend here in Texas. The concept is to save parents money when shopping for back-to-school clothing. Of course, there are limitations.

My daughter and I went shopping last weekend and found that she actually saved more buying some things last week as opposed to waiting for the tax free weekend. Last week her jeans were $10 off. Today, they were regular price but you saved 8.25%. In the long run, she still saved $7/per pair buying last week. On the other hand, we went to TJ Max (I love this store), found some great deals that ran in addition to the tax free savings, and man, did we make out! We walked out with three brand name bras, and four brand name shirts, all for only $72! You may think that's a lot, but when you consider that those same shirts are $25 a piece at other stores, you'll see why I'm excited. We saw the same bras tonight at Target for $20 a piece. So, as you can see, we hit the jack-pot.

Can I get a WOOT! WOOT!

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