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Sunday, August 07, 2005 A “Martha Moment” with a Tip for Hanging Groupings

This tip came about because my husband has issues with me hammering multiple nails into the walls. Not with putting up pictures, just the part where I make ten holes in the wall for one picture so that it is in the right spot. This actually is a good idea for large groupings or if you are hanging something heavy that requires wall anchors like the garden ornament in the picture. Click images to enlarge.

You need a large piece of butcher paper, large enough to cover the area of the grouping. Then arrange your pictures or items how you would like them on the wall. Trace the outline of each item and be sure to mark the placement of the nails. I usually trace on the bed so that the pictures or items leave an impression on the paper (and it also helps mark the nail placement).

Locate the butcher paper where you want it on the wall.

Directly place your nails and/or wall anchors on top of the paper; then remove and you are ready to hang everything up.

This also works well if you are not sure how you want to place everything as you have the opportunity to move things around. It is so much easier to change it on paper vs. climbing up and down ladders and filling the wall with holes.

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