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Wednesday, November 09, 2005 For The Coffee Snob On The Run!

I was shopping at my FAVORITE store (Target) and ran across this little jewel. Many of the Teachers that I work with call me “Gadget Girl” because I love technology and I’m not afraid to try new things. Anyway, what caught my eye were the words “New Self Heating Can” and since I work in five schools and am always on the go, I thought…hell, I’ll give it a try!

Well, the darn thing works! The first one I tried was the Wolfgang Puck mocha latte. Being the coffee snob that I am (this title was given to me by Big-G), I am particular about my coffee. I like a rich, bold, low acidic brew and the mocha latte just wasn’t strong enough for this distinguished pallet. So I decided to try the rich espresso and though it could stand to be stronger, I did like the taste better.

So what is really cool is that if you are on the run, love coffee, this is a product worth while. It is about half the cost of buying a latte at Starbucks, and so far I have found it at Target and Kroger. It is only 100 calories a can and 9 carbs. The directions are easy to follow to activate whatever the hell heats it up and you can have a hot latte any time and anywhere.

Technology….gotta love it!

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