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Thursday, November 17, 2005 Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Sheri

1…. Wow! Thursday already! One more week until Thanksgiving. This is my favaroite time of year.

2....I'm looking forward to putting up Christmas next week

3....Because it gets dark out so early, I am totally not motivated to do anything after dinner except veg in front of the TV!

4....My 15 year old daughter starts driver's ed the Monday after Thanksgiving! She asked if she could drive (on the freeway!) to pick-up Aunt De De when she comes in for Christmas. I started to hyper-ventilate at the thought (not really, but could have).

5.....My 16 year old (almost 17) son doesn't even have his permit yet. He's not happy. He is the reason he doesn't have his permit yet. He can't fit in time to go to the DPS office to get his permit because of his social life (his words, not mine

6.....I haven't checked my home email for almost a week. That drives my husband crazy!

7.... It actually got below 60 last night (it got all the way down to 38). The first thing I wanted to do was drink hot chocolate!

8....When it's cold, I have no desire to eat salad. Give me a burger and fries, baby!

9....I'm taking the kids to the mall this weekend. Am I crazy?

10...My 12 year old son who never was a stellar performer in school is getting better grades than my oldest son was at his age. My oldest son was on the honor roll until he turned 12. Then hormones kicked in!

11....Celebrating Women will be podcasting again in the very near future. If you would be interested in being a guest on our show, or if you have ideas about topics to discuss, drop us an email.

12...I am making a gourmet meal of hot dogs with mac & cheese.

13....The server at work is not being nice. I..must...go....kick (I mean fix)..it!

Thirteen Things about SuZan

1…. I'm looking so forward to having the week off next week!

2.....We found out last night that our heater doesn't work (the coldest darn day of the year, so far).

3.....I have all the Christmas decorations down from the attic waiting patiently in the spare bedroom.

4.....I love the cold weather we are having despite the fact that we all woke up like popsicles this morning.

5.....Algebra II and Spanish are going to be the death of my son.

6.....I am excited that the only thing my son needs to do to become an Eagle Scout is finish one merit badge and complete his Eagle project.

7.....After our Girls night last weekend I realized how much I miss that.

8.....I have never claimed to be a good cook, but I make some awsome dressing.

9.....I have new glasses and my perscription actually improved.

10...I am afraid of heights (I am 5'3" for a reason).

11....I have been asked to be a presenter at the Spring conference of the Houston Area Association for the Education of Young Children.

12....Since the cold front blew in, my allergies have improved.

11....It has been such a busy week that I'm looking forward to the weekend to catch up with my blogging buddies.

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