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Thursday, November 10, 2005 Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

1…. This is the first Thursday Thirteen we're participating in.

2..... I really like blogging. I've gotten to know a lot of cool peeps!

3..... My job is really boring. I'm procrastinating!

4..... I love my husband dearly.

5...... Every year during the holidays, I get the urge and intentions to get really crafty. The problem is, I never seem to follow through.

6...... Sharing 13 things about yourself doesn't seem difficult until you sit down and do it.

7....... Since visiting Merritt's sight, I've had this craving for a Venti Starbucks non-fat, sugar free vanilla, triple shot cappuccino!

8..... Our first playoff game for our high school football game is tomorrow night. I think I'm more excited than my son!

9.....I LOVE seafood. My husband good give or take it. I haven't been out to a real seafood restaurant for A LONG TIME!

10...Our anniversary is December 19th - wow! 7 years!

11....My husband is going to turn 50 on February 7th, 2006!

12....One of my 3 step-daughters does not like me. Her loss!

13....My youngest son and my oldest cousin share June 10th as the birthday!

Hey-I did it! Y'all let us know if you played.


Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

1…. I love Fall & Winter (wish we had them)!

2.....I think my husband and I have done a good job raising our son. I really love him as a son, but I like the man he is becoming.

3.....I have Martha Moments and get a bit creative.

4.....I love to entertain simply because I love being around people I like.

5.....I married the most thoughtful man on earth.

6.....I love Christmas, not because of the commercialism but because of the symbolism.

7.....My father was a concert pianist so I had to take piano growing up...I can only play a mean "chop sticks"

8.....I am fluent in English & Spanish (and I can cuss in Russian).

9.....My birthday is Oct. 29th; my grandmother's is Oct. 30th. She always told me we were the spooks of the family.

10.....I could drink coffee all day long.

11.....I am a loyal friend.

12.....My favorite food is Japanese.

13.....I am so happy that Sheri talked me into blogging; I am having a blast and have gotten to know several of you out there.

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