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Wednesday, November 09, 2005 A Teenagers Conversation Overheard

So I'm at lunch at Wendy's (yes, gourmet all the way). I was sitting in a booth and overheard the following conversation between a group of teenage girls that I gather are Seniors in high school and nearing the age of consenting adulthood.

Girl #1: "I was like, so what the f*ck? and she was like ih, and I was like whatever."

Girl #2: "You should have so kicked her a**"

Girl #3: "She is such a skank. I mean, she let those other girls in her homecoming group. I mean ick. She should have invited me. I mean, I could have gone, but I was like yeah, whatever."

Girl #4: "Yeah, you should have totally gone."

Girl #2: "So, whatever. You know what I'm going to do for my birthday? I'm going to get totally drunk. I just love that feeling when I'm stumbling to may car. Then I get home and my mom is waiting up for me and I'm like-what the f*ck? She is such a bitch."

Girl #4: "You know you are so going to get drunk before then!"

Girl #2: "No way. I need to like dry out for a while!"

Girl #1: "You should just slam a (I don't remember what she called it). You will be just totally messed up!"

Girl #3: "Me and so and so are making a double headed beer bong. That's going to be so cool. I can't wait until I'm 18."

Girl #1: "You know where we should go? To that place behind the office buildings and build a bon fire and get totally f*cked up!"

Girl #4: "Yeah, but I have bad memories of that place. Someone put a drug in my drink"

Girl #1: "Wow. Cool. Was it a guy? Did he rape you?"

Girl #4: "Whatever"

Girl #2: "I'm really not going to ask for anything for my birthday. My parents are so going to get me a car when I graduate. They better get me like a Mercedes or something."

Girl #1: "Watch-You'll get like a Mustang"

Girl #2: "As if!" My dad told me to get a group of friends together for my birthday and he'd send us to the theater. I was like Yeah-right! I told him that was the most f*cking stupidest shit I've ever heard. I told him he better not ever say stupid shit like that again! Then he walked away all sad and I was like Whatever!"

At this point I had to leave. I couldn't listen to it anymore. Just to set the scene, I was in "The Memorial Area" which translates into houses that are a million plus. This, my friends, was a conversation among our future leaders of America!

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