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Monday, February 20, 2006 BLOGGER BLOWOUT 2006!

We all lived through the first annual Blogger Blowout 2006! This group of bloggers are hip and happenin and I don't think anyone could have possibly had a bad time. We started out at Cuba Libre, then went to a swanky lounge and then to Vicci's (by then, I just couldn't have cared any how). For your viewing pleasure, I submit:

Blogger Blowout 2006!

Our guest of honor (what a lush)!

Then things got (uhm) relaxed..............

I loved this water wall and we took advantage of it for group photos:

A special thanks to Flutter for organizing the blowout and to all the ladies who live in Austin for making the reservations. Beth, Sheri and I owe you big for picking us up and getting us back to the condo, I don't think we could have made it back with out you.

Ladies ya'll totally ROCK!

***I signed up for the flicker thingy to post all the photos, but it will only allow so many uploads a month (ugggggg). I'll have to add all the photos as it lets me do it (I'm cheap, and don't want to upgrade).

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