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Friday, February 24, 2006 Stuff Portrait Friday!!

Brought to you by the warm and witty Kristine at Random and odd, this game is for everyone. Encourage your players to play and comment on your blog if they played so you can get to know your readers. If you want to send them over here or to Kristine's to let us know they played, Great!

Feb 24th, 2006 - Bedside Manner

The inside of your nightstand drawer
A good book you’ve read
Your favorite lamp

Inside of my nightstand drawer :-}

A good book I've read (actually reading). My daughter's boyfriend loaned it to me.

...and finally-my favorite lamp. I don't know why, I just really like these lamps (they're a pair)

So there you have it. I was going to get a picture of what was in my husband's night stand drawer, but I thought I'd let you use your imagination......I'll give you a hint-it compliments what's in MY night stand drawer very nicely {{{Evil Grin}}}

Did ya play??

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