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Wednesday, February 22, 2006 Can I Go Back To Austin....Pllleeeaaasssseee!

I'm sure my mother prayed that one day I would have a teenage daughter! Boy, did her prayers get answered. Unfortunately, my little cuss is just as stubborn and pig headed as I am. This, my friends, makes for some interesting mornings in Cypress.

My daughter is a Sophomore in High School and on the JV Soccer team. The Sophomores are the "big sister" to the Freshman and are supposed to show them the ropes. For each home game (once a week), they are supposed to buy each other a "gift". Yesterday was "the big game" against our biggest rival. The girls organized a sleepover, made shirts, and initiated the freshman (water balloons on the coldest night of the year). In Texas, Freshman are called "fish". All of the older girls decided to buy their little sister a fish that they had to carry around school all day. Cute idea. However, let me give you an example of my morning yesterday, which was also "TAKS" testing-one portion of the standardized testing in Texas over which the teachers stress our kids completely to the point of them (the kids) getting stomach aches from nerves. Here it goes:

j: "mom, can you take me to school at 6:45 tomorrow?"
Me: "That's tough. You know what our mornings are like."
J: "Please mom. We are supposed to get there early so that we can decorate the locker room."
Me: "OK. I will do it this time, but you better be ready to roll! Don't make me come up and tell you to hurry."
J: "Thanks."

Forward to the next morning:

Me: "Son, we need to leave early cause J needs to be at school early."
Son: "No way. I'm not leaving early. That's just too bad."
Me: "OK, well then try to find a ride. I'm leaving early."
Son: "I don't want a crappy breakfast. Can you take me out?"
Me: "Yes. Do you have money?"
Son: "sigh"

At about 6:40 J comes running down the stairs, trying to balance her soccer bag, her purse, her folders & calculator, and whatever else she needs. Her oatmeal had been ready and sitting on the counter for about 5 minutes.

J: "Great, I love how we were supposed to be there at 6:45. It's 6:43 and we haven't left yet!"
Me: "I thought we were supposed to leave at 6:45!"
J: "You always screw everything up!"
Me: "J, you weren't even down here in time to eat your breakfast."
J: "Never mind. Just get in the car."

By this point, my temper is about to get out of control. Luckily I read a book about raising teenagers. Yeah, the book has been very enlightening and a great stress reliever-especially when I throw it against the wall!

We get in the car, fish and all. As I drove, water spilled out of the little tank. J yells because "I'm such a crappy driver." I was still trying to keep my composure as I knew a lot of her reaction was pure nerves. I knew she felt bad because she wasn't there to help the team decorate. I certainly was planning to "discuss" this with her later! We got to school. I got out to try to help her at least get everything situated so that she can get in the door. Her stubbornness took over and she grabbed something from my hand and told me she didn't need any help. While doing this, about half of the water in the fish tank spilled all over the back seat. What does a mom do now you ask? She gets back into the car, watches daughter struggle to carry everything AND open the door to the school! She then points her car in the direction of the nearest Starbucks as the bars were not yet open!

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