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Thursday, March 02, 2006 And Now For the Rest of the Story......

Here's a little background to help you understand the emotions behind this....umn, conversation between me and my daughter. Over the summer, my daughter went from a size 12 to a size 5. She decided that she wanted to lose this weight. At first the only thing she would eat in a day was like a cup of cereal and a glass of juice! We had a long talk about why our bodies need food and that, if she wanted to keep the weight off, she needed to change her thought pattern about food and make healthy food choices. She was OK with that and she made sure that I kept healthy foods in the house. She also worked on portion control. Obviously it worked. Here's a picture of her last October.

My daughter is athletic. She plays soccer so keeping the weight off wasn't too hard. Then around Christmas she met boyfriend. What happens when you fall in love? Yup, you eat because, well, when you're 15 and don't drive, there isn't too much to do other than get dropped off at the mall or the movies. A few weeks ago she bought a cute pair of shorts. My first thought was "man, those are short!" It hasn't been warm enough to wear these shorts until recently. She put them on. I looked up at her from the foyer and did that little eyebrow raised thing that moms do. Read on for the conversation that ensued.....

J: "What? Why are you looking at me that way?"
Me: "You're shorts are a little small."
J: "So, you're calling me fat!"
Me: "No. I just said that they're a little small. You have other clothes that fit better."
J: "Why do you say they're too small? I got them buttoned and zippered!"

...I'll stop here for a brief intermission. In order for you to get the true visual of how tight they were, think back to your college days when you had to lay on the bed and your friend helped you zip and button. Sometimes a hanger was needed to assist. Of course, you didn't drink any beer or sit down for the rest of the evening! Got the visual now? Good, read on!

Me: "Did you try them on in the store?"
J: "yes, and they are size 5 and that's what size I wear!"
Me: "J, the size that's on the label doesn't mean as much as what they look like when you put them on!"
J: "See, I knew you thought I was fat!" -----as she stomps off to her room crying------

So now, as you look back at your pictures trying to find just the right one for Way Back Wednesday, and you find one of you in the most horrific outfits ever and you ask your mom "why didn't you stop me? How could you have let me go out looking like this?" You will know.....the rest of the story!

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