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Thursday, April 13, 2006 Smarter Than The Average Bear…well sometimes!

It is no secret that G2 is totally obsessed with sports and loves to take advantage of living in a large city and attend professional games (mainly Astros games because tickets are reasonable). In the past, it has been difficult for him to talk Big G into going to games as he is not a fanatic like our son; but G2 has successfully thought out and executed a plan to up their attendance (and it is working).

He goes online and purchases two ten dollar tickets. If the game isn’t sold out, they can move to better seats. He goes up to Big G and tells him that he wants to take him to the game and that he has bought the tickets. You know the rest, dad drives (we are not ready to turn him loose down town driving or through all the construction), dad pays for parking, dad pays for food (and you know the boy can eat), dad pays for memorabilia, etc. This is what he has done for the last five or six games they have attended (even the 18 inning Division Championship Astros game last year).

No way can dad resist his son, after all G2 did buy the tickets. Pretty clever eh?

Sometimes the boy is smarter than the average bear!



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