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Thursday, March 30, 2006 The Honeymoon is Pretty Cool!

A follow up to “The teenager turned loose on the town”.
***A positive twist***

It has been a couple of weeks now since we added G2 to the insurance so that he can drive solo. So far (and I know we are again on borrowed time) it actually has been very helpful to me. He has run every errand that I have asked him, I don’t have to be a chauffer, and he has come home 30 to 45 minutes before curfew every single time he has gone out in the evening.

Who is this teenager living with me? What did you do to my son?

I’m still having difficulties coping with him out driving at night. Yes I stay calm and cool and tell him to be careful; but as soon as he drives away, I just want to go hurl.

Now before you think that everything is all bliss, this past weekend I was stuck at home both days. Big G had business he had to attend to and G2 filled his dance card from sun up to sun down both Saturday and Sunday. Now granted, I needed to stay home and attack the dastardly laundry (who would have ever thought that three people could accumulate so many dirty clothes); clean the house; attack the kitchen; take a few mental breaks; and NOT go out and spend money.

So we still have to work out some kinks regarding the car-share, but all in all this transition has been very nice. Of course being such a control freak with time on my hands that I’m not used to having, I have been considering…


Would I be wrong?

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