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Sunday, March 26, 2006 Texas…Can’t You Just Feel The Love!

The April Texas Monthly magazine has an interesting article “75 Things We Love About Texas”. If you think about it we really do have a lot to offer. Many of the selections I wasn’t familiar with. The list had a lot from Austin and Dallas, some things in Ft. Worth and yes, even Houston.

Other things were not listed that I would have picked such as diversity in land and weather. Because Texas is so big we have a variety of landscapes to choose from. My personal favorite is the piney woods of East Texas. It is beautiful and not flat like Houston. As far is cities; Austin is just awesome (most desired city in Texas).

Here are the top ten from the article…see if you agree.

1. Bluebonnets: Well duh!

2. The Astrodome: In it’s day…not now.

3. Big Red: Yuck!

4. Friendliness: Well of course…this is Texas.

5. The sopa azteca at El Mirador, San Antonio: Never been there.

6. Broker Ervin’s version of Berkshire Blues: A classic!

7. Everyone has a story about a pickup: LOL….duh, this is Texas we are talking about.

8. The free advice at White Rock Lake, Dallas: I had to laugh at this one. When I lived in Big D, this was the place to go on the weekend mornings to see and be seen. Now there are a couple of guys (for the past 10 years) that will give out free advice on any trouble you may have.

9. The Humidity: This needs to be stricken from the list!

10. Barton Springs Pool, Austin: Now our Austin friends need to explain this one.

Honorable (or not so honorable) Mention:

11. Nachos: Actually just list Tex-Mex food. You can’t get it anywhere else.

29. Sunsets at Enchanted Rock, near Llano: This is the closest place to Houston to go rock climbing. The G’s go every year, It is just gorgeous.

40. The Texas Legislature: I had to laugh “When it is good it is seldom very good, and when it is bad it is horrid”.

44. Mustang Donuts, Dallas: OMG, I so remember these. This donut shop is right across from SMU and the donuts are just sinful……..sigh.

61. The Fort Worth Cultural District: The best variety I have seen in Texas.

66. Dallas Freeways: ?????, yeah, I’ve almost been killed a time or two getting onto Central Expressway.

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