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Friday, March 17, 2006 Stuff Portrait Friday!

It is time again for SPF, brought to us by the lovely Kristine over at Random & Odd. This week's SPF is brought to you by the letter C:

Your Couch
Your Coat
Your Candles

I love my couch. It’s big and comfy and I can curl up on it in the evening with a nice cup of coffee.
Why do I have so many coats? (OK, only half of them are mine) Living in Houston I guess I just wanted to fill the coat closet because I/we certainly don’t wear them (or need them).

I love candles! It’s the pyro in me, I know. I have them all over the house but I burn the one’s in the living room/dining room most frequently.

Sheri gave me the candle holders this past Christmas and my MIL the candles. Meritt would appreciate the scent of these candles: one is a french vanilla latte and the other is a capuchino. They just make your mouth water smelling them.

The candles in the fire place are absolutely beautiful when lit. It's all about the atmosphere...baby...."wink".

Did you play?

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