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Tuesday, March 07, 2006 B-Bye Poo Poo Brown!

This week we are on Spring Break so of course instead of basking in the sun somewhere, or visiting family we plan to reside the house. Yesterday we didn't get that much accomplished because we had to wait for the hardy plank, windows and other materials to be delivered. But at least the demolision has started. I'm really looking forward to the new windows since we are replacing the single pane for double pane, that should really help with the electric bill not to mention the new insulation in the walls.

Big G says "Hey there's that pan you lost a while back." We lost this pan YEARS ago. I accused Big G of using it to give the dog water (when we had a dog) and he swore that he didn't...Hmmm, I'm just leaving it at that.

Trash pile started, this thing is going to be massive by the time we are done. But the poo poo brown will finally be history. Of course you know I haven't decided what color to paint, but I'm leaning towards a color in the taupe family with cream trim. Whatever color I decide on I have to contend with the brick which has sort of a terricota color to it. No matter what color I paint, it will still be better than the poo poo brown.

This is the bad boy that I learned how to use today, holly smokes that thing is dangerous but if you have decking to do or framing of any kind, you want this bad boy instead of pounding on nails.

I'll post an update tomorrow.

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