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Saturday, March 11, 2006 WARNING….All Cypress Residents

Teenager turned loose on the town.

Yesterday when G2 finally finished the last part of his Eagle Scout Project, we called our insurance company and added him as a driver. After that, it didn’t take him ten minutes to have plans for the evening (I suddenly got that sinking feeling in my gut). He and a friend went to a baseball game at the High School. They came back to the house and G2 says “Dad, have you ever heard of ‘Dave & Busters’? Big G says “yes I have and you are not going there”. He then said that he found another “family fun” place close to the house so we agreed. Thirty minutes later I get a phone call:

Me: Hello

G2: Hi mom, we’re stuck in traffic.

Me: Where are you?

G2: On 290, we are at a stand still and life flight just landed in front of me.

Me: WHAT??? What do you mean Life Flight just landed in front of you?

G2: Well, there was an accident and we are stuck in traffic.

Me: Were you in the accident?

G2: NO MOM!!! As soon as we can turn around we are coming home.

After my heart stopped pounding through my chest I told Big G what happened. He actually said that it was a good thing that this happened his first night out driving because he might realize that he is not invincible. We’ll see!

The good news is that he came home 30 minutes before his curfew. The car and the kid all in one piece. This is a hard new phase to raising teenagers; I hope I live through it.

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