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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 Teenagers, Vacation Time, Cell Phones, Margaritas....Read on!

Yeah, thanks to TKW and two homemade margaritas.....(ok, so with as strong as I make them, that should count for about four) what's forthcoming should be a VERY interesting post.

TKW posted an interesting post last week where she just "emptied" her brain of useless thoughts. It was good to see that someone else thinks about some off the wall subjects. Add to that two strong margaritas and the anticipation of three days (count 'em one, two three) days of vacation time.......well, read on.

1) Someone told me something that really hit home. We were talking about the "grass being greener" on the other side. She shared something with me that hit home. She said...."well, the grass might be a little greener on your side if you spent more time watering it!" That is so true. No matter WHAT our task, if we spend more time trying to succeed, we will definitely see progress.

2) Computers sometimes really piss me off! Blogger sometimes pisses me off as well. All day today......argh.......

3) I admire SuZan and her husband for taking on the task of siding their house. They inspire me.

4) I am off for the next 3 days! (Oh, did I already say that?)

5) I admire all of our blogging buddies. You all are so eloquent with your words and writings. I have so much that churns through my head, but rarely have the time to put the words to paper (well, I guess I mean to computer).

6) Most of our new buddies have younger kids. I have teenagers. While reading your blogs, a small part of me thinks it would be great to have another baby. The part of me that enjoys the freedom of leaving to run an errand at any time a know that my kids will be OK at home......priceless!

7) I feel very stagnant at my job. There is absolutely no chance for advancement! I am underpaid. One of the two Sr. partners cares only about himself and his welfare. Never does he take the time to say "Good job!"

8) I used to stress about taking a few days off. Not so much anymore. I figure that if they can't get by for a few days without me...that would indicate that I'm waaaayyyyy under paid!

9) When I was 16, I went to Virginia Beach with my friend and her family. They rented a condo. I called my mom maybe twice during the week. My son is down in South Padre. I'm not. I feel like I need to call him every few hours. How did we grow up without cell phones? I think it's adding to our stress. Oh yeah, I also know what I did when I was at the beach. Not helping......

11) This post will have to wait until my eyes stop closing by themselves.

12) According to my husband, I was falling asleep and snoring in the chair. He has a vivid imagination!

13) This is the 3rd bad hair cut in a row that my hair dresser has given me. Is this grounds for divorce? Ugh. Finding a new hair dresser sucks!

14) If you have a Mary Kay lady, then your invited to a Mary Kay party and you want to go to support your friend, are you cheating?

15) Why is it so hard to diet when on vacation? I'm thinking I may just blow it off and star over on Monday.....

16) There is a 45 lb house cat on Jimmy Kimmel. Isn't that pet abuse? Poor kitty!

17) I just got the ice cream out of the deep freeze and there were about 10 spoons under the carton. Teenagers!

OK, done. I'm empty. Thank you for reading my useless pondering. Come again!

Ta for now!

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