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Monday, March 13, 2006 "How Not To Paint A Room"....or as my husband says "Step Away From The Paintbrush"

I got a little inspired by G & SuZan and their home improvement project. I even got to go to Lowe's with them when they bought all of their stuff. SuZan was very helpful as I told her of my plans to paint two bedrooms since the carpet was going to be replaced, so we might as well go the whole 9 yards! Yeah, you've never seen me paint. (Neither has SuZan, but don't tell her how bad I was. She might not ever take me back to Lowe's!)

Here is a photo journal of my catastrophe, ur, I mean project.

So what is wrong with this paint job? Well, the paint on the can looked grey/silver. It dried baby blue! It would have been a great color-for a baby's room, but not for an almost 13 year old!

Second problem. See, I wasn't trying to show you progress with the partially painted walls. That's what the room looked like..... WHEN I RAN OUT OF PAINT! Sure SuZan, one gallon is going to be enough! This obviously spoken by someone who has NEVER seen me paint!

What was that? Oh, you want to know why I had so many partially painted walls when I ran out of paint? Yeah, see, I'm pretty sure this is an indication of Adult Onset ADD! I couldn't for the life of me finish one wall before moving on. I got bored!

Why the last pic of my fat ass? FUG Thursday at its best (it was Thursday come to think of it). See, I thought it ironic when my son laughed and told me I had more paint on me than on the walls! From the position of this spot, my guess is that I bent over to paint one area and inadvertently leaned against another area! I had to laugh when I thought about Merritt and how she talks about taping and painting like it's no harder than making a freakin piece of toast or heating up a hot pocket. I think she said something to the effect of "I rarely get any paint on me!" Bah! Yeah, the lady pictured on the box of the freakin roller thing I bought-full make-up; designer jeans; jewelry; and a starched shirt! WTF!

Be sure to watch for an update. The new color for the room is burnt orange (Longhorn colors). SuZan said she'd come over and help rescue, um I mean finish the job. Somehow my son with his wit & charm talked SuZan into painting the Longhorn sign on the wall! Sounds like a pitcher of Margaritas is definitely going to be a must!

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