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Monday, March 27, 2006 If you aren't sure about having more kids.....

I'll lend you a teenager.....or THREE!

If I would have known what the teenage years would bring, I would NOT have had three kids so close together. My goodness. Just when I think I have things figured out...

Let me give you an example.

1) 15 year old daughter involved in her first "boyfriend" experience. She's been dating said boyfriend since December 2nd. I said over and over "you are spending too much time together", to which the reply was "stay out of my relationship. I can handle it!" Well, said boyfriend got on daughter's nerve and it hasn't been pretty around here. Now I have one sad puppy dog boyfriend calling and one pouty teenage daughter who is pretty sure I know nothing and was brought into this world by aliens.

2) 17 year old son who thinks he knows everything. It's my fault that there is not a shiny new car in the driveway for him along with hundred dollar bills for his weekend pleasure. You know "all of the other kids have a car and their parents give them like $300 every weekend." I asked him if those parents were adopting! He didn't see the humor in that and he also thinks the mother ship brought me to this planet and threw me out of the window just so that I could ruin his life.

3) 12 (almost 13) year old. Ah, the tween years. Not a kid, not a teenager. He is quite ill with some kind of virus (read-antibiotics won't help). His brother makes fun of him for wanting his mom to comfort him. He doesn't understand that his brother and sister, although they act like their family is diseased, still love us, but won't admit it. He also is having a major peer pressure dilemma at school. I promised I wouldn't talk about it, so I won't. But when all is over and the shit has hit the fan, I will be sharing. Hold on to your hats, ladies. This goes back to the hour long conversation he had with my daughter back in February. You know the one. The one know one talks about! He is my only child who is unsure if the aliens brought me, but I think he secretly checks for horns whenever possible.

How do I deal with this? Wine, lot's and lot's of wine! Oh, and blogging, of course! So, if the stork is knocking on your door-use the dead bolt! At least for three or four more years!

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