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Thursday, April 06, 2006 Be Careful When Offering To Help With Homework

My youngest is in 7th grade. He was out of school for an entire week. It all started with the flu and then he came down with strep throat. In other words, he felt like crap all week. I went up to school on Friday to pick up his work so he wouldn't be so far behind. There was a science packet with worksheets that required you to fill in the blank with the appropriate vocab word. Of course no book came with it, so I figured a little help from me would be necessary.

Here is an excerpt from our adventure:

"Hey G, why don't we work on Science. You're great with vocab and I'll help you figure out some of the words you don't know."

....here's when I should have known what trouble was to come.......

G: "OK, then I'll be ready for my test on the reproductive system."

Me: "blink, blink" (secretly thinking back to my days in school and the reproductive unit-you know, the film with the flower)

Me: "OK. The first sentence says The (blank) is also known as the birth canal."

He knew the appropriate word - vagina.

.....still thinking this wasn't so bad......

Me: "A (blank) is what occurs when a male's penis is engorged with blood." (OK, I'm literally holding my breath waiting for some kind of response or silliness.
G: "Erection"
Me: (Exhaling slowly) "Correct. Do you want to keep working on this, or would you rather use the internet to look up words your not sure of?"
G: "No, this is fine."
We finished the worksheets, using words like ejaculation, ovaries, and the likes. We ended up having a very intelligent conversation about the human body and sex. I was very proud of him and how mature he was acting. I don't think I could have ever finished a worksheet like this with my mom when I was twelve. Heck, she couldn't even talk to me about the importance of getting "your female parts checked". She never would use the appropriate terms and we never had an open and frank discussion as I did with my son. By the end of the afternoon, I was very proud of my son, his outlook on girls, relationships, and yes-sex.

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