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Monday, May 22, 2006 Hey Blogging Buddies-Good New Job Vibes Needed

Sheri here. I don't share a lot of very personal information here as, well, its very personal. That being said, have you ever hit a time in your life when everything is "rocky"? You're afraid to plan and look forward because along the way you ALWAYS hit a stumbling block? Well, my family and I have had a few MAJOR stumbling blocks the last few years up to and including my husband losing his job. The day he was to start another job, I rushed him to ER and he ended up having open heart surgery. Now don't think I want anyone to feel sorry for me because I don't. It's been a hard and bumpy road, but we're coming along and are definitely stronger people morally and emotionally.

Blah, blah, blah. I do go on. The whole purpose of this post is to ask for your thoughts, prayers, and vibes. I interviewed for a job on Friday. Just for kicks, I recently updated my resume on Monster and this company saw it and contacted me. During the interview, I felt as I really needed someone to pinch me awake as I must have been dreaming. I think I even heard angels singing at one point during the interview when the gentleman I was meeting with said "we can set you up to work a few days from home so you won't have to commute in to the office." I shit you not! Those were his words!

Why would I consider a job change? I've hated my job since the day I started 4 years ago. I really don't want to go into detail-YET; but if I get this new job, there will be lots of interesting reading about the crazy people I currently work with and for. No, really. I think my boss eats kids and dogs and spits out their bones to use for toothpicks!

So again I ask, please send me your thoughts, prayers, vibes, whatever! Because I'm just a little afraid to think that something this good may actually come to fruition.

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