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Thursday, May 18, 2006 You Know Your Day Sucked When…


Sometimes things come in waves, and I guess yesterday was my day. The day was messed up right at the onset of wake up (a pretty traumatic time for me anyway) when Big G realized that he had locked his keys in his truck (no, I do not have a copy). So I had to fall out of bed (miss 30 minutes of sleep), and drive him to work (no coffee and hair not even brushed, I’m sure I was a site). Folks I am not a morning person and Big G had to tell me “there’s a stop light up there”, “be sure to turn left up here”, etc.

Then after I got back home I poured my liquid life to revive me and sat at the computer and…nothing…waited…and nothing. I turned the computer off and on and waited…the mouse wasn’t working! So I can’t check email, can’t post so I decide to deal with the mouse when I got home.

Off to school #6 that I usually go to on Thursdays but I have two ARDs there and a mandatory meeting in the afternoon with our boss for school assignments for the next year. One ARD just required paperwork and I did not have to attend (conflicted with afternoon meeting). But the ARD I did attend left me with a total horrible taste in my mouth. There was an advocate present with the father. I do not have a problem with that at all, as a matter of fact I personally would encourage it if the parent felt their child was not getting the services that they need in order to benefit from their education.

However, this Advocate totally offended me throughout the ARD. She would tell the father (in Spanish) “this is the time, are you satisfied with this time because it is nothing?” “You should say no because they don’t see him they just consult”. At this point she did not know that I am bilingual so I quickly chimed in to explain to the father (in Spanish) what a day looks like with both ARDed time and value added service time because what the advocate was telling the father was a lie, from that point on…the advocate never gave me eye contact when she would ask a question she would look at the teacher and not me. I would be talking and she would turn the back of her head to me and started whispering from that point on to the father. WTF! Who’s interest are we serving here? Though well intended, this lady HAS NEVER advocated in our school district, she has NEVER set foot in one of our classrooms to see how instruction is done and OTs roll in the whole mix.

I then had to leave the ARD to go to our meeting for school assignments for next year. Our boss, because of gas prices really wanted us to take a look and cluster our schools for next year. No problem, because I’m pretty much all over the District. After all the shake down all but two of us had our schools lined up. This other therapist and I were left with 2.5 days filled for next year. Now we can only guess how much time we are going to need in each school, with new ones opening plus adding about 10,000 kids to the schools each year, we just don’t know. Normally, I would say no problem we’ll come back to the table during the first six weeks and reshuffle next year but hell, I gave up practically every school I was at. After it is all said and done, I’m still going to have to drive, so the reason I gave up my schools with whom I have built a rapport with is…why?


At least the mouse problem was fixed…it only needed batteries…uggggggggg!

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