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Wednesday, May 10, 2006 Celebrating Women's May Blog Pick of the Month

Celebrating Women's

May Blog Pick of the Month


I Miei Pensieri

It’s My Kitchen and I’ll Throw Knives if I Want to

Our blog pick for this month is the lovely Christie. When we started blogging about a year ago, Christie’s blog was one of the first ones we stumbled upon. We love her spirit and her “take no prisoners” attitude. What is special is that we picked her for the month of May and she is FINALLY going to be a mom!

Congratulations Christie…we are so excited for you!

We have always said that Christie would be a blast at a party as she really has a quirky sense of humor matched only by her candor. If you don’t like what she says in her blog or the topics she writes about, then don’t go to her blog. She is always honest and says what is on her mind.

She almost always participates in TMI Tuesday; WBW; and SPF; but she also hosts the “Really Fucking Stupid Blog Awards” (umm…to which Sheri has been nominated).

So go over and say hello to Christie and help us celebrate:

Celebrating Women’s
May 2006
Blog Pick of the Month

Sorry about the quality of the upload...blogger is giving us fits and we had to upload using flicker and enlarge.

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