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Saturday, April 29, 2006 A Great Big Thank You and the cat on crack

It was so funny yesterday afternoon when the mail was delivered. It almost seems like she knew. Mercedes came running to greet me at the door and I had a package addressed to her. Carrie's kittys, Lerory, Sarabi and Mufassa came to her rescue with a supply of Cat Crack. They heard that she had run out and had hidden the package.

This is her reaction when she saw the package and then when I opened one...well, lets just say the humans were excused and she was in her own little world.

And here is my first attempt to upload a video. This is a special thank you to Carrie, Lerory, Sarabi, and Mufassa from Mercedes:

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PS: Carrie is my favorite human right now!...love, Mercedes

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