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Thursday, August 24, 2006 How Does Your Garden Grow?

Finally! I finished, really, something is actually finished. The pain in the ass courtyard is done! The man said I couldn't plant until we painted so I did it. Check it out, see what you think:

This is before:

This is way before we changed out the siding and replaced the windows. I think we had just replaced the front door. That flagstone, Big G found dumped off the side of a road so he brought it home and it just sat for a while.

This is the after:

So we built the fountain and used the flagstone (only had to go get a few more pieces). With a lot of sweat and soreness, it is done! I love to go out there (at night when it is not so friggen hot) and listen to the water and enjoy the plants. I can't wait till they grow a bit.

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