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Friday, August 18, 2006 Stuff Portrait Friday!

TGIF! I’ve only been back to work for three days and boy do I need a weekend! Kristine decided to give us a break and was straight forward with her assignment this week:

1. Your Supplies (home, office, school — whatcha got?)
2. Your Bag (we’ve done it before, but I know you all change purses like I change undies)
3. Your Mail box (most look the same nowadays so pan out and let me see where you go get your mail.


Here are my supplies for work. Since I work at five schools this is my proverbial “bag of tricks”. It has fun stuff like beads to string, putty, Velcro (can’t get enough of that), all kinds of scissors, stencils, chopsticks, tongs, etc. There are all kinds of goodies I use to help my kiddos increase their fine motor skills.


My little, bitty, purse has a purpose. First, I don’t really care for huge bags because they get heavy. If there is any space to be filled, I will fill it. Another reason for the little bitty bag is when Big G and I go somewhere he is forever asking me to put his sunglasses and his wallet in my purse; with my current bag I simply say “Nope, they won’t fit”.


Nothing spectacular here…it receives mail (need to paint it now)…but I did try and get a creative shot. Too bad my neighbors thought I was nuts when I was taking this.

Did you play?

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