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Monday, August 07, 2006 Celebrating Women's AUGUST BLOG PICK OF THE MONTH!

Celebrating Women’s

The Butterfly Girl

"You only live this life once"

It was hands down this month. We both agreed that we should feature Kate for the month of August. The Butterfly Girl, is one of the many awsome bloggers that we met in Austin this past February. She recently went on a wonderful vacation and we had the pleasure of helping her keep her blog updated by posting at the end of June (btw Kate, that was fun!).

What we love about Kate is her perseverance and her optimism. She has recently been to Hell and back, but always seems to look for the positive in any situation and makes it so. Family if very important to her and we don't think you could find a kinder heart.

Kate, we have been there with you (via internet), prayed for you, feared for you and you have made it though with valient resolve. You truely are a tribute to what we all should aspire to be. For this we celebrate you and we look forward to seeing you in Dallas!

So go over and say hello to Kate and help us celebrate:

Celebrating Women’s
August 2006
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