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Monday, July 24, 2006 Waste of Space Monday

Tammy over and Rant & Ravin' Haven hosts this weekly event. We are to post something newsworthy that is really about something or someone that is basically "a waste of space". I don't have a news article because I really feel that all of the news this weekend was a "waste of space.....and time." I do, however, have an office classic. Here is an excerpt of my Friday.

B-the cough-er, sneezer came into my office this morning, as she does every morning to complain about C (the receptionist) and the “awful funk she’s wearing”. Translated, that means her perfume.

I told her this morning “Look B, there is nothing I can do about it. I can request that she not wear perfume, but we can’t dictate what people can and can not wear and I can’t send her home, write her up, or fire her for wearing perfume.”

B’s response “Well, then I’m just going to tell W (her boss) when he gets here.”

My response “W and I have talked extensively about this and he agrees that there isn’t anything we can do except request that she not wear it.”

B “Then I’m just going home. I’m calling W and telling him I’m going home because of her funk.”

Me – “let me know what he says”

Next page-W calls me and tells me to close my door.

W-“Sheri, what the Hell is going on?”

Me-“B can’t breathe and is going home because of C's “funk”.”

Long pause……………………………..

W – “What can I do? Why does everything that affects B always have to be a big deal? Why all the drama? Does she think the world revolves around her?”

Me – “Yes, and really, there is nothing you can do. We asked C not to wear perfume. We can’t enforce it.”

W-“Tell B to go ahead and go home. And this is on her time!”

Me – “Do you want to talk to B?”

W – “No. You go tell her. I’m on my way in.” Click.

Me – Ugh!

And now........for the rest of the story. I told B that W said to go ahead and go home. She started clearing her desk and turning off her computer. I then told her that W wanted to make sure she knew that this would either have to be a personal day or a vacation day. Guess what-she stayed. W called them both in to the conference room. They yelled, screamed, and said some pretty stupid stuff to each other.

Later in the day, someone made some microwave popcorn. Now, this isn't the first time anyone has made popcorn in the office. B starts wheezing and coughing and putting her head down on her desk. I ignore her. I figure she's an adult. If her allergies are that bad-she should live in a bubble, or have the proper medicine with her at all times. Someone walked by and said "What's wrong with you?" to which she replied that she was allergic to the smell of popcorn. I asked her how then she can go to the movie theater. She said that popcorn at the theater smells different. I told her that food allergies only affected people when they ingest the food. She got back to work. An hour later someone walked by her desk and yelled "B, B, are you OK?" She then said that the building people were exterminating and she's allergic to the poison.

Does anyone else smell something fishy? I mean, she was bound and determined to have a "reaction" from the moment she got into the office. Oh, and I know her husband was off from work and her father-in-law was in town.

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