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Tuesday, July 18, 2006 Way Back Wednesday

The lovely TKW hosts Way Back Wednesday weekly and guess what, I actually played! As you will read on her blog, she is in the packing process getting ready to move into her new house where her kids will "grow up". So here are this week's instructions:

"Part II of the two week themed extravaganza! As my kids will be moving into the house that they will "grow up" in I want to see the house you consider your primary home growing up...July 19...Inside the house"

Here in picture #1 are my sister and I. This is the mantel over the fire place that was decorated extensively for each holiday and seemed to be the "backdrop" for all pictures for years to come. I grew up in PA. We lived in a big house with several small rooms. In this case, this was the "formal living room" which eventually got a TV stuck in it. Before the TV, the fire place was the central focal point of the "conversation area". I had to take a moment to remember what the occasion was to get my sister and I 1) in the same room and not killing each other; and 2) in dresses. After I saw the next picture it came back to me. It was my grandmother's funeral. Why am I smiling you ask? That is my personality. I try to turn even the most tragic event into something I thought of as enjoyable. I'll expound more after pic #2.

In picture #2, my sister and I with my cousin that lived in Texas. Him and my aunt came up for the funeral and stayed for 2 weeks. Money was very tight for both families, my aunt a single mom with 2 teenagers and my family, a very "blue collar" family with my dad being the only one working to support 5. We didn't get to see my aunt or cousins on a regular basis, so, as I said before, I turned something negative into a positive and enjoyed the heck out of having my aunt and cousin's visit. Yeah, this would be the visit that he and I started an ash tray fire in my grandmother's assisted living apartment while my dad and aunt were making funeral arrangements. We were quite the characters.

Now that you know more than was ever necessary, sk signing off whilst wondering why I thought that dress was the most beautiful dress ever and that my hair was all that and a bag of chips!

Let us know if you played!

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