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Wednesday, July 12, 2006 Summer Time, Summer Time, Sum, Sum, Summertime!

Summer time has always been one of my favorite seasons. I look forward to lazy days, fresh brewed iced tea, fire flies, swimming, barbecues, baseball, etc. Then one day I had children and reality set in.

Why does that matter? Yes, there are lazy days-for them! They love iced tea-after I brew it. Swimming......nope, haven't even had my swim suit on this year. Been too busy driving kids from here to there. Barbecues-that translates to me going to the store to buy the food, prep the food, usually cooking the food, then cleaning up after. Baseball-yeah, it's $18 a head to get into the game. Multiply that by 5 then factor in gas, parking, food (for 3 teenagers). Not going to happen this year. Fire Flies-I grew up in PA and we used to catch fire flies and watch them light up in our hands. Hours of entertainment. I don't think I've ever seen any in Houston.

I'm not complaining, merely pondering. I'm very blessed to have kids to take care of. I wonder though what memories my kids will have when they are adults and perhaps have kids of their own. I was thinking that our kids really aren't "lazy" and enjoying the summer the way we did. It seems like they get out of school and before you know it we're sending them off to at least 2 camps, Grandma's house, day camps, etc. All of this is fun, but when I hear the stress in every one's voice talking about all they need to do to get ready for each of these adventures, it makes me wonder if the kids/families are really enjoying themselves, and each other.

What kind of fond memories do you have of your childhood summers and what are you doing with your kids this summer? We'd love to know.

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