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Wednesday, July 05, 2006 This is Just Wrong!

When you can ever figure out teenagers please let me know. Why do I say that? Because teenagers do the strangest things (ok....just plain weird things). This might even be good enough for TMI Tuesdays. Hence I present you this photo:

Now this is just wrong on so many levels. What you see here is a bowl and a spoon; the bowl once had jello in it, and I found it in the boy's BATHROOM! I can just picture the visual here, I don't want to but it just sort of burned in my brain. I so believe Bill Cosby when he talks about children being brain damaged now.

On a positive note, he is doing very well in summer school (algebra II) and he finally HAS A J-O-B! He is working at one of our local grocery stores (the "Remarkable" one) as a cashier (hard to believe he did well on the math test...lol) and says that produce is going to be the death of him. He told me that at least he knew what artichokes and romaine lettuce were but that he is enjoying working and looking forward to his first paycheck.

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