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Wednesday, June 28, 2006 The Adventures of The Traveling.....Teenager!

We are back in Houston after our "exciting?" trip to Waco, Texas....or how my son prefers to say "Whacko, Texas". Why were we of all places in Waco? My daughter J who will be a Jr. in high school this year is starting to visit colleges. A little early you ask? Well, yeah. But there was something in the water in 1989-1993 that caused Texas to over create which in turn leads to over population in all of our schools, including colleges. The admittance counselor we worked with said that last years Freshman class had record numbers of which this year's Freshman class in expecting to exceed. This makes an early start very important.

The trip wasn't that bad. I mean, once I survived this......

Teenager, 3 plus hour trip, her at the wheel!!!!

and this......

This is called "the circle", which you just kind of get on and go around until you get off. Scary thing. Especially when your teen is driving.

As I said, this trip wasn't bad. The campus is beautiful, but since it's summer time, there wasn't the usual "campus feel" that you experience during the fall. My daughter and I didn't walk away with that "this is where I want to go" feeling. She wants to come back and visit during the fall and see how she feels. Baylor has a great business school and offers the 5 year Masters program, and she is SURE that's the direction she wants to take.

I'm wondering though if maybe we just need to compare it to something. We are going to visit A & M in the next couple of weeks. She has wanted to go to A & M since she was old enough to realize that it wasn't the ATM's!!! I guess her first Aggie emblem went up on her wall when she was about 5. Her brothers who are UT all the way gave her a hard time about wanting to go to A & M so she kind of "back burnered" the thought. Now she is of the mind set that she really doesn't care what her brothers think and has decided that A & M may be the place for her.

One observation however. We were one of two juniors visiting amongst a whole crew of seniors. I feel that my daughter is very mature for her age. It was amazing to see the difference between the two groups. My daughter was still pulling out her cell phone to check the text messages her friends were sending while the seniors were really listening and asking questions. Hmmm.....

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