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Wednesday, June 21, 2006 America's Got What????? and Other Ramblings!

In the words of Kami, "The Hell?" Watching this show was like picking a scab. It's painful, but you keep doing it. I kept watching that damn show thinking surely it would get better. Wrong! Yes, there was some good talent, among the contestants that is! To me, the "judges" comments were so...scripted. It was like they were told to watch the past 5 years of Idol and pick out the mannerisms and verbage they could best incorporate into this show! Even the "randomly picked talent" who couldn't perform their way out of a wet paper bag couldn't pretend to be shocked or disappointed at what the judges said. It was just....bad! It's like, well, when you get that little throw-up thing in your mouth, swallow, and spend the next 20 minutes with out a drink trying to get that slime taste to go away-yeah, you got the picture! NBC-sorry to tell you this, but you really missed the mark on this. I expected it to be somewhat entertaining seeing as how Regis was the host, but, nooooooo, it SUCKED!

Oh, and all of this after my dinner of, um, well, Sonic called it a grilled chicken salad. I call it a bowl with a handful of brownish green stuff with a piece of grilled chicken they must have thrown in the "not good enough to put in a sandwich" bin. Look, I only get a certain number of points a day. I can not, do you hear me, can NOT waste those precious points on tree bark and grass that looked like it was picked it out of the back bin - AFTER THE GARBAGE TRUCK PASSED THROUGH! A little bitter you ask? No, just hungry!

Now must sleep because, what else can you do WHEN YOU'RE OUT OF POINTS AND STARVING TO DEATH?!?

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