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Thursday, June 29, 2006 Daughter and Boyfriend's Relationship To The Next Level!

OK, mind out of the gutter! I didn't mean THAT level! Geez!

First off, I am sitting here eating my Go Lean blueberry waffles with half a banana writing this post, so if it's a little syrupy, I apologize!

My daughter's boyfriend got his license and part time job the first week after school was out. He got his first paycheck on June 15th. It was gone June 16th! Boyfriend's parents gave him their old car with the stipulation that he pay for gas and insurance. Boy, did he have big plans for his first paycheck. He was going to take us out for dinner, buy clothes, buy a new cell phone, etc., etc. Then he realized how little is left after responsibilities are taken care of.

I asked my daughter last night where boyfriend was. I swear that boy has radar and senses the minute we pull into the driveway. She said he couldn't come over because he only has enough gas to get to work tomorrow (today). Then she asked if she could go to Splashtown with some friends. I asked her if boyfriend was going and she said no gas, no money, can't go. Then she proceeded to rant (she has definitely picked up my ability to rant) about how he bought stupid things like a new cell phone when his other phone was just fine. He bought a second set of head lights for his stupid truck and all this other stupid stuff. I smiled and listened. Is anyone else thinking this sounds familiar? Kind of like when boyfriend 1.0 becomes husband 1.1?

As an added note. After I was done at the gym last night I checked my cell phone (which I left in the car because damn it, I deserve an hour to myself) and saw I'd missed a call and had a text message from my husband. The text message said "EMERGENCY" ALERT.... (OK, is anyone else suffering a mild anxiety attack as I was when I read that?) we are out of coffee filters and Splenda. Repeating, we are OUT of coffee filters and Splenda! That is all.....Over!

After I started breathing again I had to laugh! My hubs can be such a goof ball sometimes!

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