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Wednesday, August 02, 2006 The Boy’s New Ride

Holy cow we finally did it! G2 has wheels. We were on such a budget for this that I have been dreading it all summer long. Well we finally got serious and scored yesterday. We have been to so many used car lots, test driven pieces of crap, in some the a/c wasn’t even working…in short…JUNK BUCKETS.

Of course the last dealership we went to, I knew as soon as we pulled up that they were way out of our price range. It seems that everyone in Cypress is after cars around the same price range being this area is inundated with teenagers. That’s what we get for living in Stepford.

It happens that this dealership did have one car that was not even out on the lot yet. They usually don’t keep this price range of car on the lot but the lady that traded it in was able to produce all the maintenance records, it was obviously garage kept, not a stain in any part of the interior and everything worked (it passed the a/c test, when I stepped out of the car my glasses would fog up).

Pretty nice for a '98

I HAD to have Big G take a look at it and asked if I put a deposit down (because we were serious) could they hold it but they couldn’t. Damn I knew, and they knew this car was not going to last. We had to get Big G in to look at it and I had to go and make a transfer to our account. We got a hold of Big G and had him get down to the dealership IMMEDIATELY! G2 was instructed to stay at the dealership and if anyone approached the car, to lick the handle in front of them (he would have done it too).

"Mom can you please stop with the pictures?"

It all worked out, by the time I got back, Big G had already driven it and was messing with stuff under the hood. He gave me the thumbs up and we sealed the deal. I don’t want to go through this again any time soon.

BTW: He wouldn't let me drive it anymore, but he did let Sheri check it out...offspring...you just can't figure them out.

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