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Tuesday, July 25, 2006 Tickle Tuesday.....and other stuff.

Redneck Wiener Roasting!
Now admit it....unless you're a REDNECK,
You've never thought of such a BRILLIANT plan!

The other stuff:

We got G2 off to Sam Houston State yesterday for a Journalism Camp. So I guess that makes us officially "DINKS" for the week (double income, no kids). He had signed up for Journalism I and applied to write for the school paper next year and he got the job. They moved him from Journalism I to Advanced Journalism so he will be the Sports Reporter next year.

He has taken some time off from his blog Sports Talk for the summer, but says he will be back in the swing of things in August. I think his blog helped him get the job on the paper because they don't take Journalism I students and he listed it in his essay. I had to laugh because on this trip (two High Schools) there are about 30 girls and four boys going. Big G says that those odds are awsome. I hope he is able to learn a few things of the journaistic persuasion.

As you see the picture was taken from afar. Do you think that Mom could whip out the camara while we were standing there? Oh hell no, I had to take it from my moving car and then crop the daylights out of it to even see the bus.


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