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Friday, August 04, 2006 Stuff Portrait Friday! - S P I C Y

For this weeks SPF, Kristine over at Random And Odd is getting a little SPICY with her assignment. She wants pictures of:

1. Your Spices
2. Salt and Pepper (?, black and white?, shakers?)
3. Add a little spice to your picture.


I wish I could say that I use all of these spices. I don’t have much time to cook more “flavorful” food so usually I am the box food queen out of necessity and have a lot more spices than I use. I just won't tell you how many I had to "dust off" before I took this picture. :)


How about Mercedes’ chin (trying to be creative here). Her chin coloring is perfect symmetry of salt and pepper. BTW: She hates the camera; it was an adventure getting this shot.


Since I’m the one that drools over all of ya’lls photo skills, I will say upfront that I DID NOT take this picture. We had G2’s Senior pictures taken and this is the one that he picked for his ad in the football program. I edited the photo mainly to take out his name, the photo itself is pretty spicy on its own (good Lord…that’s my baby).

Did you play?

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