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Monday, October 23, 2006 The Calm After The Storm

I know we've all had them. You know, those periods in your life when you don't have a second to breath and you can't wait for a time where you can just sit and do nothing? I think I'm there. Am I happy-of course not! I'm mad. OK, mad is not the right word. Disappointed, yes, that's it, I'm disappointed in myself. I had a day yesterday that could have been spent doing all those little "when I have a chance" things that you put off. What did I do? I slept! I watched part of the Texans game (we won!), ate, and slept again. About all I accomplished yesterday was going to the grocery store, sticking a frozen lasagna in the oven, and folding laundry...that's it! The weather was absolutely gorgeous! Where was my ass? On the couch! I hate that. I feel like I just pissed the whole day away!

Sorry to anyone who came to visit our blog today hoping to gain some insightful wisdom or read a witty "my life" story. It seems that we just aren't being good blogger bitches lately! Damn. I can't like that! Will try to do better.

I will tell you that I'm back on the Weight Watchers wagon...again! Not too bad so far. Of course, I just started the diet this morning :-)

I hope you all have a good day. I will be visiting your blogs and hopefully will have time (boss is away) to actually leave comments!

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