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Monday, October 09, 2006 Celebrating Women's OCTOBER BLOG PICK OF THE MONTH!

Celebrating Women’s
Southern Fried Girl

We know we are late but ya'll aready know that life just gets in the way sometimes. Without further delay we both agreed that this month's Blog Pick should be Southern Fried Girl.

Southern Fried Girl lives in New Orleans, Louisiana and is married to a firefighter. She has two step-children, a dog named Gage and two cats, Reba and Hoss. We love that she challenged herself to read at least 50 books this year and last we checked she'll blow that goal out of the water (she has reviews #46 and #47 posted).

This is what she says about herself:

10 things about SFG by SFG

1) I am actually a super nice girl who comes off as such a fucking bitch.

2) Since knowing my cute FIL, I now recognize how fucking hilarious and cute most old men are.

3) I hope I really get over some things, but I don't see it coming any time soon.

4) I like my pets more than most people.

5) I believe in God.

6) I wish I could lose at leat 20 lbs.

7) It took me being broken up from the hubs for 3 years for me to realize that he was the one for me.

8) I really admire my Father. He is a pain in the ass, but works hard and expects others to do the same..

9) I really can't wait to be pregnant.

10) I am thankful for my life.

What we love about Southern Fried Girl is that she expresses herself much like many of us wish we would. We would say that "Straight talk" is a good description of her style. She also plays "Stuff Portrait Friday"; "Waste of Space Monday"; "Way Back Wednesday"; and "Fug Thursday". With her quick wit, dry sense of humor, and keyboard in hand...she can make us laugh (until we pee our pants), cry, and ponder the thought that "gee, I've felt that way before". So thank you Southern Fried Girl for putting it all out there for us. For this we celebrate you!

So go over and say hello to SFG and help us celebrate:

Celebrating Women’s
October 2006
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